Some of my texts, more or less interesting, presented in a bit(?) rusty english/polish*


Two of my younger colleagues, dr inż. Marcin Mroczkowski and dr inż. Krzysztof Pacławski, have persuaded me to present here some of my texts.
I wonder who has been more reckless - they or I, yielding their suggestion.


Years ago in numerous polish manors some kind of chronicles called “Silva rerum” were continuously drawn up. They presented, commented and discussed some events and problems interesting from the point of view of the living there people (births, weddings, funerals, voyages, military campaigns, elections, some visits, fires, floods etc.etc.). Following that tradition I have “planted” my own “Silva”. To stress that the presented here problems are mixed up, I have widened the heading on “cicer cum caule” (synonym of that total mix up).


Jerzy Sędzimir




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·         The 3rd May 1946 in Cracow

·         Cambridge 59-60

·         Bishop Maurus and his silver chalice

·         Energy yesterday - today - tomorrow

·         Are the human brain and computer competitors?

·         Corporals idea of the “time - space”

·         Prejudices and superstitions - bygone and contemporary

·         Auditorium

·         Tale of two Eskimos

·         The chessboard and the Polish cause

·         St. George – the dragon – ecology

·         Creation of the universe and of the man

·         The body and the spirit

·         Peculiar fates of some, randomly chosen, prominent or at least interesting members of the (en)dzimir, Ostoja coat of arms, family


*the original polish texts (ca. fifty positions) may be found on the page: